Smoking club raided

I read that a new ‘Daktory’ (cannabis smoking club) that opened in Aotearoa/NZs far north; city of Whangarei was raided & two people (in charge) were arrested. The first Daktory was setup in Auckland several years ago. I believe it was open for about 2 years, before complaints, saw it raided & shut down. It seems one of the operators moved ‘up north’ & established ‘Daktory #2’. According to the news report, it was open to the public until a local, also complained about it & the Police ‘sprung into action’.

There was a grow room, on the property.. supplying the herb to attendees. The prosecuting officer stated; “A significant indoor cannabis growing operation was discovered at the address and we are currently processing the scene,” & this was added..’The raid came after a nearby resident said they were “appalled” that the club was getting away scot-free with growing and selling the drug.’
‘The address is leased by (name removed), who has been a cannabis dealer for 42 years. He founded the club to give people a safe space to purchase and smoke the drug.’
‘At least one local resident wrote to (the proprietor’s) landlord to complain about “undesirables” frequenting the neighbourhood.’

Followed by these comments from the person making the complaints; “You only have to glance in and you can see the grow rooms with cords running into them and the odd plant out in public view,”

“You are renting out a unit for criminal activity. It is appalling that you and the police are sitting on your hands over this.”

Then this from Police: ‘Following the Wednesday bust, Inspector (name removed) said police took the cultivation and selling of cannabis “very seriously”.’

“We know the people of Whangarei do not accept this type of behaviour and do not want these drugs on our streets where they cause harm to our community.”
“We will continue to work with our community and partner agencies to stop the illegal sale of cannabis in Northland.” (Typical Police B-S responses)

The Daktory spokesperson added; ‘the complaining resident was just “trying to stir the pot”, and most of his neighbours had no problem with what was going on.’ he also said the property’s landlord knew what the club was doing. He also said ‘he was working for law reform & added the current laws are just wasting & unnecessarily tied up large amounts of Police time & resources.’ (well said.. I agree)

I will keep an eye out for updates..

Meanwhile; such smoking clubs operate legally or without fear of prosecution in many other OECD countries now !!

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