no news

I just saw a brief TV news report, about cannabis (in Aotearoa/NZ ?).. but it was really ‘NO news’, it stated:

1) it seems effective for chronic pain relief, esp. in the elderly

2) it relieves the symptoms of M-S (multiple sclerosis)

3) it relieves nausea from chemotherapy

4) it is reportedly, still inconclusive about treating epilepsy ?

5) it can trigger mental illness, esp. if used by young people.. BUT they said; that it was still not confirmed it CAUSED the condition

6) it is the cause of road accidents (as is Alcohol)

It sounded like ‘someone’ just wanted to reaffirm, what most people are likely already aware of about the drug.. BUT there is still no moves to change the prohibition of Cannabis in NZ. It was also interesting that at the start of the item, they had the word ‘MARIJUANA’ (evil stuff !!) in a large font on the screen, but the reporter referred to it as ‘Cannabis’ in her brief blurb.

So really it appeared to be, just a segment filler.. with no real news to report !

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