LARGE bust

I read a LARGE cannabis seizure, recently occurred in the Gisborne/East Cape region of Aotearoa/NZ. The report states:

‘A LARGE quantity of maturing cannabis was seized by police on Saturday in a bush area off Kopuapounamu Road near Te Araroa, in what they describe as a substantial drug-growing operation.’
‘More than 900 cannabis plants were seized on Saturday and Sunday.’
“Police were conducting inquiries in the Te Araroa area when they located the substantial commercial cannabis operation,” said Detective Sergeant (name removed).

BUT it concluded with: “Two houses at Te Araroa were searched and a number of people were spoken to. No arrests have been made as yet.”

“Our inquiries are ongoing. We believe the cannabis, once harvested, would have been destined for the Gisborne-East Coast market.”
‘Det Sgt (name removed) said police would like to hear from members of the community who might be able to assist them identify the people involved in the operation.’
“We are in the middle of the cannabis cultivation season in the district and would ask rural people to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour that could be linked to growing operations.”

Of course the obvious statement, needs to be.. why did they not look out for the people responsible, prior to pulling the plants out ? Do they really expect to actually catch them now ??

btw; IF prohibition in NZ was ended, the economy reportedly could save about $400million in Police costs annually, currently wasted on these sort of ‘cannabis operations’ & even potentially create employment in these regional areas, that currently have high levels of unemployment. 😦

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