False positive Tests

I was just watching a segment of the TV show; ‘Mythbusters’. They’re testing whether, ingestion of a cake or bagel etc. with poppy seeds in them, can potentially give a ‘false positive’ test result for opiates !

The official response from the companies that make the testing device & the official ‘Drug testing companies’ is; “NO !”

BUT the Mythbusters proved them both wrong:

1) the two guys (Jamie & Adam) both ate food containing ‘poppy seeds’

2) shortly afterwards, they ran the test & both tested ‘Positive’ for opiates

3) several hours later, they repeated the test & surprisingly.. both were still ‘positive’

4) a doctor said it could potentially stay in the system (give a positive result) for up to 72 hours (3 days) ?

They raised the question ‘potentially.. how many people have suffered this; loss of job or travel opportunity’ just because of a FALSE POSITIVE ??
The tests are not really ‘calibrated’ to find a minimum limit, rather than just any evidence of the drugs presence ! 😦

btw; Cannabinoids have been found present in samples, weeks after reported use.

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