Royal accent

I looked up the date that the current NZ ‘Misuse of Drugs act’ received the ‘Royal accent’ & became law in this land; 10 October 1975
Public act: 1975 No 116

SO, its been over 41 years since this ‘attack on human rights’ began ! Although; I do believe that Britain enacted a ‘Dangerous drugs act 1927’ (10 years prior to ‘Marihuna tax act’ in USA).. But the main difference being.. these older laws were NOT zero-tolerance, users rarely were prosecuted. The control mechanism was at the production/supply level only. Whereas today, the current policies ARE effectively ZERO-tolerance. I even heard the story of 10 for 2.

John Lennon wrote a song & performed it at a large outdoor concert in USA, titled ‘Ten-for-Two’ about a man who was arrested for selling ‘2 joints’ to an undercover cop. He was charged at the high-end as a ‘DRUG dealer’ & sentenced to 10 years in jail. The concert caused such a public outcry, that the man was released the following day (about 6 months into his sentence), the prison was in the same city.

The thing being.. not enough people do challenge the regime & APATHY tends to rule.. NOT OK !

When I read that all laws in Aotearoa/NZ have to receive the ‘Royal accent’ (signed by Gov-Gen. on behalf of Kuini Lizzie).. I thought maybe I should write her & say.. ‘Time for change.. your Majesty’…. “We don’t agree, with your DRUG policeee” 😦

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