3 cheers Israel

I have recently heard & read that the state of Israel are firmly putting the fingers up to the staunch cannabis prohibitionists ! They are doing research into the genuine therapeutic & medicinal uses of the plants & its extracts. This being the main issue around ‘marijuana prohibition’.. that they used the banning of the recreational drug, as a way to effectively implement ‘zero-tolerance’ (inc. Med-use) BUT the opening preamble to the umbrella; UN convention ‘narcotic drugs’ 1961, states it will not ban medical & scientific (also industrial) uses of the plants & extracts in the schedules, inc. Hemp & Cannabis

SO.. why is it that many countries (inc. Aotearoa/NZ) are still looking for excuses to maintain this status quo ban, when it is effectively, contravening the convention ??

I also read that there are Israeli scholars who have no doubt that the herb ‘Kanabosm’ in the Old testament.. is in fact CANNABIS. It was given by their God of the bible as a ‘holy anointing oil’ BUT also for ‘casting out demons‘.. even though some others may say it could be the prohibited ‘Tree of knowledge of good & evil’ (but it’s not a tree !)

I say “SHAME on anyone who thinks medicinal cannabis use should remain as a schedule #1 ‘narcotic'” with supposedly ‘no known medical use or value’

They need to “WAKE UP, get their head out of their Arses & smell the herbs & buds !!” The tide is rising….. 😀

btw; I don’t like their expansion of settlements in Palestine.. but that’s another issue…..

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