War on Lies

I see on Al Jazeera TV that there is a call, for Duterte’s draconian, brutal, full-scale WAR on DRUGS, in Philippines.. to be suspended, pending some inquiries.. into the thugs, crims & gangsters fighting it, ‘on behalf of authority‘ !

There are reports of thousands being slaughtered (even for private use), after the new ‘Mr. Pres.’ declared his intent to ‘fill Manila bay’ with the bodies of ‘druggies’. BUT it seems that many of the ‘law enforcement officers’ are actually nothing more than ‘hired guns’, many already having convictions for violent crimes.

It seems Duterte also wanted to ‘set the standard’ by bragging that he had ‘done the deed’, having reportedly led a bunch of motorcycle ‘avengers’ who rode around ‘sorting out problems’ (with all guns blazing ?) in a prior role, whilst he was the Mayor of a city

I hope this has some teeth & it is NOT just bluff & bluster ?
The man has to go ! :/

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