generational change

I grew up in 1970s.. back then we ‘experimented’ with all kinds of substances, including cannabis (aka ‘marijuana’).

BUT I see there has definitely been a ‘generational change’ on this issue. Way back when.. we smoked the herb that was around, including bags of leaf/tip.. ‘kif’ ? (often called ‘cabbage’ now in Aotearoa/NZ). Of course we all preferred the buds, esp. ‘buddha sticks’ from Thailand.. when they were occasionally available. The things I do notice now:

1) most people ONLY smoke buds these days.. more available

2) I offered a smoke to a friend, who was almost picking the ‘kif’ out whilst sorting for a smoke

3) someone actually told me “I don’t smoke leaf, because it doesn’t really contain any THC” (more misinfo.)

4) there are even ‘brands’ now that are selected for particular effect, named after activists & celeb. users

5) smoking ‘kif’ is more like having a ‘light beer’ whilst buds, more like a few stiff whiskies

I guess it shows the whole community has moved on/’grown up’.. slightly

I also think, most was grown outdoors, in the day, but now there are factory spaces, setup as ‘grow rooms’.. with artificial lighting & air conditioning.

I think there is also more knowledge too.. back in 1977, we sort of thought, ‘it’ had always been illegal & just accepted things. These days the protests are getting more notice, by the ‘mainstream’ & the tide has turned :/

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