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Today, I wrote an online submission to ‘Te Paremata o Aotearoa’ (NZ Parliament).. on a bill about Water Fluoridation (slightly off-topic BUT relevant);

They are passing legislation to move control of ‘water fluoridation’ from local body councils (we the people) to the District Health Boards (run by Doctors & Politicians). I said “NO, I don’t agree with MASS medication.. via the water supply..”

How do we know what else, they are doing with the water supply ??
I am a rate-payer too & when I turn on MY tap, I just want H2O to come out !!

They not only tell us, what we CAN’T put in our bodies (ie ‘illicit drugs’), BUT now they are saying, but.. WE can add stuff, that we say is good for you !

btw; there is evidence that long term fluoridation could be having toxic/negative effects on our bones & organs. It doesn’t just clean teeth.

“Rattle the cages, ‘Whanau o kanabosm’ !!!”

addendum: The committee chair is the same ‘minister’ that also controls ‘NZ Drug policy’

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