Call in the Army

I see on the TV news that the Philippines President, is refusing to step back from his vow to ‘fill Manila bay, with druggies bodies’ (over 7000 ‘offenders’ already, reportedly slain). In light of reports that many of the ‘Police’ at the frontlines, are actually just ‘hired guns’ (Thugs & Gangsters). The latest news; he is calling in the Army to fight HIS WAR on DRUGS !
The comment being made.. the WAR is actually a ‘civil’ issue, NOT a military one & therefore this strategy is inappropriate/illegal.

I still remember the comment/interview from a Dutch Police chief (1990s ?), who stated “You have to be wary of ‘officials’ who make a BIG DEAL of the Drug issue.” He was suggesting that, they likely have ‘personal interest’ in doing so. ie Job protection, financial gain etc. Which leaves me to wonder, why Duterte is doing so ?

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