Inbound confusion

I was listening to a radio show, last evening (Overgrown).. they played an interview with an American tourist who arrived in Aotearoa/NZ recently, with 2 ounces of Medicinal cannabis & the ‘relevant paperwork’ (so he believed). The man said he had heard about the recent events; a loophole in the law here, that had seen several people bring one months supply, of prescribed medicinal cannabis with them from USA. The man was unaware (nor did the ‘officials’ in USA know) that this loophole had more recently been firmly closed. The NZ minister stating that ‘State laws/legal matters, are not valid in this case, only federal ones’.

The man said he used the drug to manage severe pain. He had spent several thousand dollars to bring his wife & child to NZ on holiday. When they arrived at the border, the customs official duly advised him, that his paperwork & medicine were no longer valid in this country. They subsequently seized the Cannabis. They then informed the man that, as it was likely, that he would try to source illegal cannabis in NZ, (a CRIME) his visa was now cancelled.

He went on to say; that there was a brief discussion with an Airport Police officer, who apparently was hesitant to get involved & referred it back to customs. The man was then advised that his wife & child were free to stay & complete their holiday. BUT he said they were all so upset, by these events, that they ALL boarded the next available flight out !

SO.. anyone in USA, make sure you double-check this, before even considering booking travel to this country.

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