Israel also charging on

I read that Govt. ministers in Israel are moving forward with Medicinal cannabis research & commercialisation of extracts & other products. A newspaper article makes these points:

‘Ministers on Sunday endorsed a draft bill to legalize export of cannabis for approved medical use, Justice Minister (name removed) office said.’

‘Adoption by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation, which meets outside the full cabinet, means that the draft will now move forward as a government bill.’

‘Although the recreational use of cannabis is currently illegal in the Jewish state, for the past 10 years its therapeutic use has not only been permitted but encouraged.’

‘In 2015, doctors prescribed the herb to about 25,000 patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress and degenerative diseases.’

‘The purpose is not to cure them but to alleviate their symptoms.’

‘In January, the Agriculture Ministry said it planned to invest eight million shekels ($2 million) into medical cannabis research projects.’

‘Last month, Public Security Minister (name removed) announced his support for decriminalizing recreational use.’

‘He said that he had adopted the conclusions of a commission created to study the issue, which recommended the move.’ (unlike a similar, pro-reform Drug Comm. report in NZ 2011, that was all but ignored, by our Govt.)

‘(the Justice minister) has reportedly indicated she will support it.’

This is great news; the tide of change IS still rising.. hopefully one day soon, it will finally crash onto these shores ! 🙂

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