more from the Frontlines

Here are some recent issues, from the ‘Frontlines’ of the Drug war & other related issues:

1) A Hikoi (March) on waitangi day, led by a ‘Mongrel Mob’ Gang member, was calling for action; to stop the ‘Meth/P epidemic’ in Aotearoa/NZ. Many believe that this has come about by NZ Police/Customs still stuck in their outdated focus.. ‘WAR on weed’, this has seen, what many call a ‘drought of cannabis’, in recent times. This gap has been filled by Meth/P dealers, in many areas.

2) A huge cocaine bust; a yacht carrying 1.4 tons of the drug was seized in Australia. The news report said the boat (registered in NZ) crewed by Australians & NZers, picked it up from a ‘mother ship’ in Int’l waters & sailed to Australia. Their federal Police intercepted & seized the huge haul.. apparently the largest on their record !

3) A pile of tapes, of live recordings of Bob Marley were recently discovered in someones basement. They were apparently recorded in 1970s. This comes on, what would have been Bob’s 70th birthday ! (had he still been on the planet) “R.I.P. Bobby” We still honor & revere you, SIR. The Prophet of Ganja & RasTafarI 🙂

4) The draconian Drug war in the Philippines, is still in full-swing. BUT I hear the latest strategy (From Mr. Duterte) is to ‘arrest them’ rather than just gun them down, in COLD-BLOOD.. as has reportedly been happening, under his regime.

Also on a different matter; I see that Joost Van der Westheissen (previous South African, Springbok Rugby Captain) has passed at age 45. Most kiwis remember the Rugby test matches that he played in NZ (against the All Blacks) R.I.P. Sir. There was an old saying “Soccer/football is the world game.. BUT Rugby football is the game they play in Heaven !’

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