other drug

I saw a brief current affairs item, about another ‘illegal drug’ : Khat (the reporter seemed to be pronouncing it ‘chat’). It’s a ‘leafy green’ that they chew for its ‘euphoric effect’. She briefly said; that it reportedly made you feel ‘high’ BUT often can be aggressive/irritable, with long term use. They made it sound like ‘marijuana’s super-edgy cousin’. But; it looked more like silver-beet to I&I.

At the end of the piece, the reporter said she was told, the best way to understand it, was to ‘try it’. She subsequently did.. on camera, she took on a very broad smile & said she now had ‘no idea what she really wanted to say’.

btw; I also saw a story (a while ago) about a mosque where ‘khat’ was being openly sold to people as they left friday prayers (I think its more a cultural, rather than Islamic matter ?). The difference being.. not a cop in sight. Many knew it was going on, but either did not think, it worth reporting OR maybe feared retribution from gangsters.

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