I was looking at a file of maps I have pinched off the net. They show the countries, states & regions; the legal status of cannabis for med-use & personal/other uses. The thing I noticed: the place where PROHIBITION was championed in early 20th century, is now (at state level) leading the charge back from it !

These countries are particularly interesting to I&I:

1) Aotearoa/NZ – considered part of ‘the west’ but squarely in the asian region on drug laws. Eff. Zero-tolerance on psychoactive or MEDICAL use of the raw plant, only pharm. products. Allows strictly controlled industrial Hemp (in secret)

2) Australia – just across the water, but now has several states that have decriminalised personal use (fine only, no conviction ?) They are also moving on medical cultivation, research & trials.

3) Israel – moving forward on medical cultivation, research & prescriptions. Also looking at relaxing personal use

4) USA – ILLEGAL at the Federal level ! But allows state legislation, to have a regulated regime. 28 states; allow med-use & 4-5 Rec-use ?

5) Canada – I believe, medical use is regulated (on prescription) & personal use reforms are moving forward

6) North Korea – I understand that they don’t have a prohibition law. (maybe not a signatory to UN convention ?) therefore fully legal.

7) Japan – still illegal, but industrial hemp is a ‘traditional use’ in Japan & therefore ‘tolerated’ in some regions. I hear personal use is often tolerated in some areas.

8) Russia – according to one map, its use is ‘decriminalised’ but not clear. I do hear it is widely tolerated/prohibition not enforced

9) South America – decriminalised in most countries, but still illegal in some smaller ones.

10) Mexico/Cent. Am. It is marked as ‘illegal, but often not enforced‘. The largest production of cannabis, for export to USA ?

11) UK – officially illegal, but it is moving on med-use & even a ‘tolerance to personal use’ approach. Ireland is shown as ‘not enforced

12) EU – much of western Europe has moved forward on med-use & have eff. decrim’d personal use.
BUT; France & Norway are still listed as illegal’. Holland/Netherlands; no need to comment….

13) China/Sth East Asia – still mostly ILLEGAL ! The region where the death penalty is still widely used for ‘commercial dealing/importation’.

14) Africa – no real info. on most countries on the continent. Sth Africa; illegal but not enforced, I’m guessing most of Africa has this stance.

15) India/Nepal/Pakistan – shown as illegal but not enforced. This is likely due to the ‘high regard’ it is given in Religion (Hindu Sadhus). Bhangladesh is listed as Legal for med/rec-uses. It was once a centre for Hemp cultivation (Bhang-La-Desh, reportedly means ‘Land of Cannabis growers’)

These maps are now out of date, as more countries, seemingly move to further relax their laws. Hopefully NZ will not remain RED on the maps for much longer.

“End the Drug War” which is really a WAR on you & I folks !! 😦

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