more Big Pharma

I read that a second company; ‘Tilray’ from Canada, has been given a license to export cannabinoid drugs (oils) into Aotearoa/NZ. This adds to the first cannabis extract ‘Sativex’ (mouth spray) from GW Pharma.(UK). WE now have potential access to TWO cannabis drugs, after jumping through the several hoops required.

There is a clear line being drawn here.. where the ‘raw (therapeutic) herb’, is still being excluded from any medicinal options. BUT the following issues have been raised that are also being overlooked:

1) the drug is not funded by the NZ Drug agency. Sativex costs about $1200/month (more expensive than black-market, illegal cannabis)

2) there seems to be a demand by ‘the power-brokers’ that one or two sizes, fit all. When in truth it is being used & trialed for a raft of illnesses/conditions & this is frankly ridiculous

3) other countries, that are now allowing cultivation & production of cannabis products are not only; creating employment, but also profits flow back to the economy & the products are often cheaper.

4) the Govt. of NZ appear to be pushing the view, that if Aotearoa/NZ actually legally, regulated the cannabis plant, to be grown in this country (for whatever reason, other than hemp) the sky will indeed fall, a vast majority of kiwis will suffer ‘Reefer madness’ & many would cross ‘the gateway’ to HARD-drugs & even becoming heroin addicts ! (OR so they would have us believe)

OR.. there is ‘dodgy deals’ going on in dark, back rooms… that we are not hearing about !

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