political B-S

I keep hearing that cannabis law reform is ‘cross party’, meaning it is neither really aligned to; left or right.

BUT looking at the current NZ parliament.. I notice that:

1) the right-wing party who lead the current Govt. inc. 2-3 retired police & an ex-tobacco industry employee/lobbyist.. not really conclusive BUT..

2) the only party currently in the parliament, that openly support reform (Greens), are widely considered ‘of the left’

3) the current right-wing Govt. have refused to go beyond, BIG-pharma. medicinal products, purchased from overseas. Not funded by ‘pharmac’ the Govt. funding body/agency

4) Only indust. hemp is grown in NZ, which is monitored for its ‘active ingredients’ & licensed/highly regulated. I read there is a legal challenge, about current bans on extracting CBDs from these hemp plants, under the line ‘it is illegal under the MODA 1975’. “TOTAL B-S sez InI !”
The only reason that hemp is allowed, being there is a clear clause, in the UN convention that exempts it from any potential bans & from the prohibitive/draconian legislation in place. btw; this was only brought back into law in 2006, by the Green Party

5) the left-wing Labour party have openly stated ‘they will introduce broader medicinal uses, inc. broad availability for ‘terminally ill’ patients, should they get into power at the 2017 election.

6) the right-wing Govt. have ruled out any uses of the ‘raw herb’ even for terminally ill patients, who will hardly be ‘further harmed’ by smoking/vaping the herb, for fast acting ingestion… if they only have 6 months left.

** It seems that the glaring truth, is that; the current ‘business friendly’ Govt. are willing to sell the issue to the highest bidder, inc. continuation of Zero-tolerance, to those who currently benefit from it: Police, judiciary, prisons & Big corporates, whose products/services compete.

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