Pot heroes

I have been thinking about the people (& groups), who deserve a medal for their ‘fight in the drug war’ :

1) Robert Nesta Marley RIP.. who often highlighted the issue, during his concerts. Follower of Ras TafarI

2) Jack Herer RIP.. author of the ‘The #1 best-selling hemp book of all time!’

3) Thomas Chong & Richard Marin (cheech).. the comedy team whose movies & records, highlighted the issues

4) Whoopi Goldberg, actor (& others).. writes for a cannabis website/publication

5) Marc Emery.. ‘the prince of pot’ who was jailed for selling Canadian seeds to USA customers

6) Charlotte Figi.. the young epilepsy patient, whose case brought this issue to public notice

7) Nandor Tanczos.. NZ 1st Rasta MP, who brought the bill to parliament, that re-legalised Indust. hemp (2006)

8) NORML.. the now ‘InterNATIONAL Organisation for REFORM of ‘marijuana’ LAWS

9) All politicians & members of pro-reform political parties.. inc. Greens & various ‘cannabis/marijuana parties’

10) Musicians like S. Dogg etc. who sing about it or publically support the issue

11) Barack Obama.. ‘Yes we Can(nabis)’, which seems to have added to the momentum for change. Also B Clinton ‘I didn’t inhale’ (or did he ?)

12) You & I who operate at the ‘grass roots’ to promote the issue & attend regular 420. Especially those who voted in reform initiatives eg Colorado

13) Rose R, Helen K (RIP), Rebecca R, Sue G, Huhanna H, Anna O etc… women in NZ who have recently championed med-use reforms

14) Abe & Julian for setting up ‘Whakamana’ in Caversham NZ

*Long may this continue.. OR until the ‘armistice day’..
If I forgot to mention anyone, feel free to add your suggestions.

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4 Responses to Pot heroes

  1. pseudonymous says:

    You’re forgetting one

  2. Zedd says:

    btw; Pt. 12, is pretty well open to all, who are reading my post

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