back to basics

I’ve studied, read & seen all kinds of ‘data’ (& misinfo.) on this issue.. BUT getting ‘back to basics’:

1) prior to 20th century.. there had reportedly been numerous ‘prohibitions’ on all kinds of things, deemed ‘immoral’; often coming from the over-moralistic (perhaps degenerate) church leaders etc. This could even included the ‘forbidden fruit’ in ‘the garden of Eden’ ?

2) 1919 Alcohol prohibition in USA commences.. Gangsters Paradise

3) 1927 U.K. passes ‘Dangerous drugs act’, most ‘commonwealth countries’ follow suit, inc. Aotearoa/NZ. Mother Aubert passed away, the year prior

4) 1933 End of Alcohol prohibition in USA. ALSO; Opiates are more closely controlled. LSD was ‘officially discovered’.

5) 1937 ‘Marihuana Tax Act’ signed/passed by Pres. Roosevelt. Why was it called ‘Marihuana’ not Cannabis or Hemp ?
Could it be, that originally only recreational use was intended to be controlled/banned? It went on, to include all forms of the plant/extracts !

6) 1942 ‘the act’ relaxed to allow, industrial hemp to be grown/used in War effort ‘HEMP FOR VICTORY’ (ropes, parachutes, back-packs etc.). The tax act is ‘actually implemented’, farmers required to pay $1 for certificate/stamp to legally grow ‘the plant’. Docu-dramas start appearing in Movie theatres. eg ‘REEFER MADNESS’ extolling the ‘supposed effects of MARIHUANA/marijuana‘; insanity & gateway to HARD-drugs etc.

7) 1946 ‘marihuana’ reaffirmed as ‘public enemy #1′ (Army soldiers in uniform, use flamethrowers to destroy, left over crop/stocks, in propaganda films).. alongside opiates & hallucinogens, BUT then incorrectly labelled cannabis/hemp/’marihuana/marijuana’ a ‘Narcotic’. Newspaper stories of ‘murder/mayhem’ being attributed to users !

8) 1961 USA ensures cannabis is included as a ‘dangerous/evil narcotic’ in the document that effectively created the modern ‘WAR ON DRUGS’: The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961. Commissioner Anslinger, will remain on my list of ‘most EVIL people’, forever !!

9) 1975 Aotearoa/NZ implements local legislation in response to UN convention (BUT goes extreme; eff. zero-tolerance): Misuse of Drugs Act 1975. All other signatories to the convention are required to do likewise.. not all go to the prohibition/zero-tolerance route.. BUT; some go further, even use the death penalty.

10) 2011 The NZ Law Commission released it review of the current laws. Recommending ‘CHANGE’.. but this was effectively ignored by the current Govt. (still in power) who have just ‘gone with the status quo, thank-you’

SO.. I went back to the source of ‘Global war’: UN single convention 1961.. & found:

The Preamble/opening statement, states the drugs are INDISPENSABLE for relief of pain & suffering (supposedly exempt from prohibition !)
It goes on about; ‘limiting such drugs to medical & scientific use’ (again reaffirming that zero-tolerance is NOT the intended focus

It then sets out the; Controls, Aims & Objectives.. including use of policing

Article 28 is labeled: ‘Control of Cannabis’ (not ‘marihuana/marijuana’). The one thing that clearly stands out ‘does not apply to cultivation for industrial uses; fibre, seeds & other horticulture’. Which until 2006 in NZ, was also banned.. why ?
*It refers to Article 23: National Opium Agencies.. the list of strict controls for Opiates, are being effectively added to cannabis too.
This is interesting in that under USA federal law, Cannabis is included in Schedule #1 (with Opiates & ‘other hard drugs’) but in other jurisdictions it is on a much lower scale.

Here’s the Article, I find most interesting (as a lay-person, not a legal-eagle)
Article 33: ‘The parties shall not permit the possession of drugs except under legal authority’ which on the surface could be interpreted as ‘prohibition’ BUT on closer inspection of the other related articles, I think could equally or more appropriately mean: LEGAL REGULATION (OK for use, with a list of strict rules, but NOT zero-tolerance !) šŸ˜¦

btw; we could all take up, Article 46; DENUNCIATION šŸ™‚

If any of you, don’t know.. ‘MARIHUANA’ is the Americanization of the Mexican SLANG word ‘Marijuana’. I finds it totally astounding, it was used in a piece of official legislation !! That’s like a doctor officially calling faeces; SHIT !

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