Moving on..

I was listening to a radio show, (discussing cannabis issues) the host, said something like ‘Medicinal cannabis is effectively dealt with, with recent ‘tiny steps forward’.. it will now ‘just fall into place’ & it is time to move onto recreational law reform’ I tend to agree, with an eye still kept on, any further med-use ‘advances’.

In 2006 the NZ Green party (Thx, Nandor) managed to pass a members bill, that re-legalised small-scale HEMP cultivation in Aotearoa/NZ

The elephant in the room, being recreational use.. it seems that the whole matter of smoking the natural herb, for any reason, is just not on the agenda, under the current Right-wing Govt. The only positive news being; the guy who was party leader/PM for 8 years has resigned & has reportedly stated he will leave parliament, at the next election. This man was apparently staunchly ‘Just say NO to ALL drugs’ (whilst sipping alcohol) maybe he got it from Nancy R.

I think, there is an unfounded belief that recreational law reform, will just effectively legalise the current black-market.. BUT if you look back at, the end of Alcohol prohibition (1933 USA) they did not ‘legalise the B-M’ they licensed/regulated the stuff, to registered manufacturers/suppliers. They also allowed small-scale home-brewing.

The main issues being; Age restriction which in USA (Colorado etc.) is often R21. This is due to the well stated matter of brain development, being ongoing until at least age 21 & likely 25 years.

I also think that Coffeeshops etc. should NOT be licensed to sell the drugs 24/7. Maybe they could have a 420 start. When they allowed a short-term legal sale of synthetic cannabis (in NZ) they found that people were queuing up at 9am to buy it. This sort of thing, only promotes the negative stereotyping we currently see under prohibition; lazy, stoned folk, sitting about on the dole, just ‘smoking weed’ all day. The number #1 focus of any moves to legalise/regulate recreational use is : EDUCATION (not misinfo. about ‘Reefer madness’ & the gateway to Hard Drugs B-S) open, honest & realistic & full of advice about, why teenagers should likely NOT start smoking it before age 18 !!

btw; I still think that the word ‘Marijuana’ should be struck from the global language d-base.. because it was used as an excuse to start the drug war (esp. Cannabis’ inclusion). BUT in the case of recreational use.. i think it has become widely used (slang) for this issue, just as ‘Ganja’ ‘Bhang’ ‘Kif’ & ‘Herb’ etc.

Time to spot the Elephant in the room.. “There she is.. her name is Mary-Jane”

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