Whats in a name ?

The biggest hurdle/final fence to reasonable, medicinal cannabis usage in Aotearoa/NZ.. is the total block on using the ‘natural herb’ for its obvious therapeutic properties. BUT recently I see a small crack in the wall (of ignorance) that this Govt. has built.

Two reasons put forward, that has seemed insurmountable:

1) the herb can’t be kept totally-free from ‘contaminants’ esp. IF grown outdoors

2) the quantities of the ‘active ingredients’ in plant materials, cannot be guaranteed. ie percentage of THC & CBD, as in ‘big-pharma’ products.

This was until ‘Bedrocan’ (Holland) came along;

‘Since 2003, Bedrocan has produced medicinal-grade cannabis under contract for the Dutch Ministry of Health. Under the Ministry’s medicinal cannabis program, standardised herbal cannabis is available in Dutch pharmacies on prescription. The Ministry also exports cannabis for medicinal use to Italy, Germany, Finland, Canada, and the Czech Republic, and to approved researchers around the world.’

1) grown in ‘clean room’ green houses, to ensure a lack of ‘contaminants’ are introduced

2) grown from clones of ‘known strains’ that are effectively producing, similar levels of the active ingredients, in each plant

Again; I think it’s just part of the ‘hysteria’ still being pushed to keep the herb, from being grown in Aotearoa/NZ. Do they really think, that there will be a MASSIVE increase in use ? Most kiwis who want to use it, already are (inc. medicinally via black-market).. they’re only fooling themselves !

**OR; the money is TOTALLY driving the agenda. 😦

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