return our rights

I remember hearing that the main issues about human rights are : Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness !

To me it seems the War on drugs is making every effort, to remove these rights !!

1) Life; in some countries they still impose the death penalty. 1000s reportedly die in countries like, Mexico & the Philippines from ‘street gangsters’ & gun battles with ‘the authorities’. This is the nature of WAR

2) Liberty; they remove this from 1000s of people every year (Prison), inc. non-violent street dealing/possession(>1oz)

3) Pursuit of happiness; most people use ‘recreational drugs’ for this exact purpose. I seriously doubt that most people smoke herb, for the ‘pursuit of misery’?

SO.. all I say is; its time to return our (Human) rights.. from the authoritarian society, which widely insists on the status quo. Apathy is the next big stumbling block.. :/

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