med-herb grown in NZ ?

I just watched a few news items, on recent Cannabis issues in Aotearoa/NZ :

1) a current Labour MP, is calling for consideration to be given, to growing medicinal-grade cannabis in NZ. The report said that NZ had rejected a proposal in 1970s for Opium to be grown here (fear it could go to black-market ?). Now about half of the world’s legal opium, is apparently being grown in Tasmania (Aust.) creating many jobs & huge revenue to the country.

2) there are questions being asked about comments, from the newly appointed PM (when he was finance minister).. that a majority of young kiwis are unemployed, because they are failing increasingly demanded, mandatory ‘Drug-tests’. The report said many jobs in the dairy industry & agriculture are being filled by foreigners & migrants, because they are not failing these tests. The other issue being why is alcohol being mostly ignored in this matter. Even though its legal, its effects can still be hazardous in some industries.

3) customs in NZ, report all-time record seizures of ILLEGAL DRUGS coming into NZ. The senior officer stating, ‘this was due to the hard work of his staff’. He brushed over the comments, that it could be due to a massive increase in importation (NZ increasingly being, targeted by foreign manufacturers; eg Meth precursors etc.).. also due to; relaxing of visa restrictions & decrease in the overall number of containers, at the ports being searched !

4) at the close of the reports, they added a statement from the PM.. that he does not wish to see cannabis being grown here, because.. there is enough HARM being caused by its recreational use in NZ, more narrow-minded.. EXCUSES, EXCUSES !!

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