Smoke-free.. using vaping

The current NZ Govt. has agreed to push for a ‘smoke-free’ target by 2025 (for Tobacco). The ‘Maori party’ have championed this initiative.. because stats. apparently show that the percentage of Tobacco smokers, is higher amongst ‘their people’, than in the ‘mainstream’. I have seen stats. that show about 5000 kiwis die annually, as a direct result of Tobacco smoking !

I just watched a TV news item; the female Co-Leader is calling on the Govt. to fund vaping; vaporiser & the nicotine solutions, as an alternative to cigarettes. The evidence appears to show, that the level of tar & carcinogens is only a fraction of that contained in smoke. One man said he had previously smoked about 70 cigarettes/day, he has replaced this with vaping. They said the vapouriser, is about the same cost, as a packet of cigarettes & the solution is a fraction of the cost. The PM was asked for his opinion.. he said he was open to the idea, BUT only pending further evidence of its alleged effect.

It’s interesting that one reason why ‘the authorities’ in NZ, use to reject any talk of cannabis regulation/legalisation.. being the harmful effects of smoking it. Surely this should be looked at, as a similar alternative; Vaping ‘the herb’, rather than using this misinfo. as yet another excuse to maintain the status quo !!

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2 Responses to Smoke-free.. using vaping

  1. I believe that vaping is healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes. So in NZ they are pushing for vaporizers to be used as an anti-smoking campaign? I wish they would do that in the U.S. instead they are just raising taxes on vaping because it has become so popular and it is pushing out big tobacco companies. So it is probably going to become more expensive to vape than to smoke cigarettes which I think should be made criminal because it is the only way I was able to kick the 20 year habit of smoking cigs. I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me or check out my blog on vaping. Either way thank you for your inspirational post. -bel

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