Pls claim your weed

I read that a man walking in bushland, in northern Sydney (Aust) came across 34 large garbage bags, full of cannabis.. ‘dumped’ in the bush. He reported it to Police, who have now seized the ‘Drugs’.. BUT if you look at the picture, that was shown.. it looks like ‘leaf’ only. I’m guessing a ‘commercial grower’ has removed the flowering ‘buds’; for sale & dumped the leftover leaves (aka ‘cabbage’) as it is no longer a viable ‘product’.

In one report ‘LOST & FOUND’: Police call for owner of 34 garbage bags of cannabis to come forward…’ (as if anyone, would do so)

This just shows how attitudes to the drug (amongst suppliers & users) has changed over the generations. When I was a teen (1970s) most people who ‘smoked weed’ bought, what was called ‘leaf & tip’ & occasionally we got, small deals of buds, inc. ‘Thai buddha’ (imported). It looks like the production has now moved on, to the point that leaf is now considered, to be something to ‘dump in the compost heap’ !

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