Grey power call for reform

I read that a Grey power (aged-care) group have presented a petition to parliament, calling for medicinal cannabis law reform. It is often assumed that this age demographic are the biggest group saying “NO” to cannabis.. but it seems that this is changing. Here are some extracts from recent reports:

‘Moves are afoot by a group of senior citizens to decriminalise cannabis so people can grow small amounts to use for health purposes.’

‘Otamatea branch Grey Power President (name removed) is leading the campaign with her petition on the issue to be considered by parliament’s Justice and Electoral Committee this week.’
‘She said the matter came up in local meetings where they discussed how people were dying in pain and weren’t able to be treated for other chronic conditions such as colitis.’

“So we all decided to do some research and we found this wonderful medicinal plant cannabis, which we’d been misinformed on how bad it was, when actually there are so many benefits from using it.”
‘(She) said the drug has been unfairly demonised.’
“I believe that the current prohibition of cannabis is enforced like the witch hunts were in the Middle Ages.”

‘(She) believes public opinion’s on her side, citing a UMR poll which had 76 per cent agreement for cannabis being legalised.’

Then these points/comments:

‘(She) told Newshub: “It would seem, if we’re the third highest country in the world of people who actually take cannabis or admit taking it, there probably are a lot of people who are not admitting to taking it, then it would seem that only groups like us are being denied it.”
“It’s freely available to everybody except us and we feel we have a right to have it for our health benefits. We don’t want to be on pharmaceutical drugs.”
“Many countries around the world have given access to it and they trust their citizenry to be responsible with it.”
“We can include the cannabis plant in our smoothies and our juices”
“Cannabis prohibition plays an enormous part in perpetuating our prison industry“.
“Prohibition of cannabis is not a war against drugs it is a war of a government against his people.”
“We have a moral obligation to do something about it”.

During recent times, there has been much debate about cannabis law reform.. BUT this govt have so far, refused to accept the growing or use of the ‘raw herb’ even for its medicinal/therapeutic properties. They have only allowed two pharmaceutical extracts, that require the highest level of approval & are not funded by the Govt. funding agency.. this has made these drugs more expensive than buying illegal, black-market cannabis !

* Fingers crossed that this petition from Grey power (seniors), may actually make them ‘sit up & take notice’ ? :/

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