Parole countdown

I just watched a TV news item.. the Parole countdown is ticking, for Ms. Schapelle Corby to finally leave Bali & return home, to Australia !

Many people (worldwide) are likely aware of the issue that brought Ms Corby to media attention; her arrest in Bali, Indonesia.. with over 4KG of Cannabis in her luggage. She travelled to the popular ‘holiday isle’ in 2004. When she arrived, customs ‘discovered’ the Drugs & she was convicted, on what many saw as circumstantial evidence.. it’s in her bag, therefore ‘GUILTY’. Reportedly; no finger-prints were taken to confirm the bag containing the drugs, were ever taken from it, to PROVE she was the ‘smuggler’. There have been several stories about this case, including;

1) Australian flight crews, using passenger baggage to move drugs, within Australia.. apparently the cannabis was not retrieved, prior to her ‘boogie board’ bag, being put on the flight to Bali.

2) a member of Ms Corby’s family using her bags to carry the drugs, thinking it was unlikely an attractive young woman, would be targeted by customs ?

Ms Corby reportedly, still denies having anything to do with the drugs. She served about 10 years (of a 20 year sentence) in the infamous ‘Hotel K’ (Kerobokan prison). She has been on parole since release a few years ago. The news report said she has about 10 weeks left of her parole. She will then be deported back to Australia.

They closed the story by saying Schapelle is banned, under the ‘proceeds of crime’ law from earning any money from selling her story to the media, even after she returns to Australia. I will keep an eye on updates.. watch this space.

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