more from the frontlines

I just watched 3 TV news items, all drug related.. from the frontlines of the Drug War:

1) a young man died at an ‘ayahuasca’ retreat in Sth America. The story said he died from drinking a ‘Tobacco tea’ (was it actually ayahuasca ?). His parents are WARNING all those thinking about attending such retreats/ceremonies, to think twice. More HORROR Stories.. from the frontlines. They rarely mention that 1000s die annually from actual tobacco & alcohol (Legal DRUGS).. but this is apparently ‘acceptable’ ?

2) police/customs discovered boxes of a chemical, imported from China that is not actually illegal.. BUT contains the chemicals (precursors) that can be used to extract methamphetamines. No wonder Meth/P is now passing cannabis as NZs #1 ‘Drug issue’ when these precursors are almost undetectable & reportedly not illegal, in the form they are arriving in the country.

3) a memorial was opened to commemorate; 24 Police dogs, ‘killed in the line of duty’.. the one they ‘featured’ was reportedly shot by a ‘DRUG ADDICT’ on a Police sting. The officer being interviewed, only referred to the addict as ‘the OFFENDER’.. again pushing the line that all ‘Drug users/addicts’ are criminal offenders.. rather than people suffering an illness, like alcoholism.

*this just highlights the double-standards still being used, by the ‘authorities’ & others, to state that all ‘other drug use’ is nothing but a CRIMINAL offence & Zero-tolerance is the solution !!

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2 Responses to more from the frontlines

  1. pseudonymous says:

    There are def some shady curanderos in the amazon, not the first time a deaths been reported, brugmansia is usually a culprit

  2. Zedd says:

    Cheers for the comment.. this is the main PROBLEM with the current situation; Its mostly run by Black-markets & self-proclaimed experts. The reality is many have no idea what they are taking; especially other substances beside ‘Herb’.

    I’ve heard of street dealers selling things like; ground up washing powder, supposedly as cocaine or heroin. It is often not these drugs that cause deaths, but other CRAP mixed with them šŸ˜¦

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