referred to ICC

I saw on the TV news that the ‘murderous’ President of the Philippines is to be referred to the ICC (Int’l criminal court – Hague ?) for the allegations that his version of the ‘War on Drugs’ has breached basic human rights; reportedly over 8,000 people have been killed, mostly for possession & minor street dealing.. under his orders, in about a year.

As with most fascist dictators, he claims he has the authority to do this (a mandate from the people, who voted him in) BUT as with the global WAR on drugs, it is really a war on his own people.. mainly the poor & disadvantaged. He reportedly runs the country as a Gangster & petty thug. When you hear these stories.. it often leads some to wonder, why is this occurring ?
*perhaps he is running the black-market.

There are minor echoes here in NZ, where the ‘authorities’ push the zero-tolerance approach, saying its the only viable way to stop ‘the illegal drug trade’ BUT then you read we have amongst the highest arrest & prosecution rates, but also drug use rates are amongst the highest in the world. IF it was really working, surely it would be the lowest rate ? Creating the ‘forbidden fruit’ mentality.. & apathy has a big hand in it too !

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  1. Kieran says:

    Arguably the War on Drihs breaches everyone’s human rights – the right to privacy in one’s own home, or the right to control over one’s own body, for example.

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