OIA data

I recently downloaded data released, under the OIA (Official Information act) about Cannabis convictions (over 10 years) in Aotearoa/NZ, that resulted in imprisonment or home detention.. BUT does NOT include; Fines, community service or court ordered supervision (OR discharged). Here is a brief summary of the data:

Convictions including, Cultivation & Supply
Home Detention 2,554 Average/Year 255
Imprisonment 3,847 Av/Yr 385
SubTtl: 6,401 Av/Yr 640

Convictions including possession
Home Det. 680 Av/Yr 68
Imprison 3,150 Av/Yr 315
SubTtl: 3,830 Av/Yr 383

Convictions Cultivation & Supply ONLY
Home Det. 1,419 Av/Yr 142
Imprison 1,226 Av/Yr 123
SubTtl: 2,645 Av/Yr 265

Convictions Possession ONLY
Home Det. 11 Av/Yr 1
Imprison 155 Av/Yr 16
SubTtl: 166 Av/Yr 17

I added the totals & came up with:
Total convictions (10 years) 13,042 Av/Yr 1,304

I have read in U.N. reports that Aotearoa/NZ has amongst the highest use & arrest/prosecution rates for cannabis (per capita; 4.2 million population) in the World ! Above most countries that now have either decriminalised or regulated supply/use of the drug.

Again I reiterate that these stats. do NOT include those convicted & either Fined, sentenced to Community service, Supervision orders or discharged (often ordered to give a sizeable donation to charity OR given ‘diversion’ (A strong warning, not to reoffend))

This also disproves the often stated allegation; “NO ONE is now imprisoned for possession or ‘minor cultivation’ (personal use). NZ is reportedly about to reach an all time high imprisonment rate (all inmates) of 10,000. There is still a push to build more prisons (one already is ‘private industry’ & could be the first of many ?)

This comes on top of recent news, that estimates are that $300-400million/ year is WASTED on these cannabis ‘Criminal offences’ in NZ 😦

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