Opioid explosion USA

I saw on TV news, over the last weeks.. several news items about the explosion of Opioids in USA; spec. ‘Fentanyl’ (a ‘big-pharma’ prescription drug). I hear that this drug is somewhere between 50-100X stronger than morphine (or other current synthetic opioids or opiate extracts, available on prescription).

The main issue being; for general pain management, it seems that you can either take, Aspirin (or similar drugs) then IF, you have more severe pain, Opiates. There are others saying ‘Cannabinoids’ could potentially be a halfway stage drug.. BUT the strict barriers (in many countries) often prevent this.

Then there is the ‘conspiracy theories’ (if you choose to believe): that ‘big-pharma’ are trying the turn the majority of people in pain.. into ‘pharmaceutical junkies’. There is evidence that this is already occurring.

In recent years, many countries are passing laws to allow ‘safe injecting rooms’ for heroin addicts, to get access to clean needles & staff on hand, if they overdose or suffer some other problem. This is brilliant to my way of thinking, BUT the wider access to ‘prescription opioids’ is making this less necessary, as many addicts move to these more powerful LEGAL drugs, to ‘treat’ their addiction. The downside being, that they are being on-sold to the black-market & users are not aware of the high strength & are overdosing (& dying) in larger numbers.

Surely there does need to be alternative pain management drugs; inc. Cannabis in more easily available options. I accept that 28 USA states do have cannabis drugs, but not all countries or states allow it, it seems to be less preferable to ‘Big-pharma’ to push it, rather than opioids in tablet form.

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