I was discussing the issue of drug reform, it became clear that there is other points/views besides: Prohibition or Legal regulation. There are obviously many who would likely support some level of reform BUT it is not a priority, of low importance to them !

OR perhaps that it ‘is just not worth the effort’ BUT again this is the ‘silent majority’ who ultimately ensure the status quo remains in place. I also believe that others actually think; the law is an immoveable object.. that cannot be changed (NOT)

BUT if people read the founding document of the UN convention 1961, it is clear that ‘ZERO-tolerance is NOT demanded, it is the local constabulary, who have implemented it (through political lobby/pressure). Medicinal/scientific/industrial uses are clearly exempt from such bans, but until recently were also prohibited under the ‘common reading’ of the MODA 1975; again section 8 covers these exemptions, but has also brushed under the carpet in their zeal for ‘control of the issue’.

I still remember a TV interview I saw with a senior Dutch police officer, who said (paraphrase) ‘you have to be weary of ‘officials’ making a big deal of the drug issue’ he then intimated that ‘corruption was rife, if not.. across the board’ in countries where is it heavily enforced; ie Aotearoa

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