GENUINE medicinal

After my last rant.. i just thought I’d continue with thoughts on ‘GENUINE’ medicinal/therapeutic use of CANNABIS (not m-j). I received an email from a whanau member in UK (Aunt), news story; a young guy was reportedly going, down hill fast from leukemia, until his mother ‘drip-fed cannabis oil’ into her 10 year-old son (without GP knowledge) & he has recovered.. now 17 years old & doing well.

This IS genuine medicinal/therapeutic use of the drug.. to my mind

The main issue: is the often suggested idea, that their still is NO genuine medicinal use of cannabis (it’s all just an ‘excuse’ supposedly, for m-j toking).. as is obviously pointed to, with it being a ‘schedule #1 narcotic’ under USA federal law (originally called ‘Marihuana’ in the original ‘tax act 1937’ (that kicked it all off), why not cannabis or hemp ?) & does this perhaps confirm, it is only the ‘recreational use’ that was intended to be banned ie ‘marihuana’ (or marijuana) NOT cannabis or hemp. (for genuine med-use or industrial purpose ??) I have had conversations with ‘older folk’ who either refuse (or are brain-washed) into never accepting ‘marihuana’ as a potential medicine, even though it is likely, it was used legally for this, during some of their life-times (1920-30s)?

I have read about children recovering from severe epilepsy & others, getting relief from M-S (multiple sclerosis) it seems to have a relieving/relaxing effect on some nervous system conditions & also perhaps tumors/cancers ? It is used to relieve nausea, after chemo-therapy, currently

I have read bits about Mother Mary (Suzanne)Aubert (19th century NZ/french Nun) who reportedly learned about ‘Rongoa’ (trad. Maori medicines/treatments) & included one she knew of from the ‘old world’; cannabis. She passed in 1926. They introduced the ‘Dangerous drugs act in 1927’ (inc. cannabis) & her line of ‘medicinal rongoa’ was cut short. Again another ‘genuine medicinal/therapeutic use’ of cannabis, now potentially lost. I have seen pictures of bottles of her Rongoa (still intact, in a museum). In recent times, there have been some saying, ‘she never used/grew cannabis’ BUT there does appear to be ‘real evidence’ of it & during her life, it was fully LEGAL !

I also read/hear that prior to WW1, about a third of all medicinal preparations in much of the world; inc. ‘cannabis extracts’ for almost ‘all that ails yer !’ : corns, arthritis, warts, stomach upsets, diarrhea etc. There appears to be more of a therapeutic use/focus, (relief of symptoms, rather than fully curative); pain/condition management.

I see news that Israel has now gone beyond this assertion of ‘NO medicinal use’ & are now going ahead with R&D (thumbs up from I)

The main block in Aotearoa/NZ was that it : cannot be grown without ‘contaminants’ & it cannot be guaranteed to have the ‘prescribed doses’ from plant to plant. Both of these have now been resolved with the dutch preparation called : ‘Bedrocan’ (grown in a clean room/green house’ & grown from ‘cloned’ cuttings from plants of known strains/content of active ingredients) BUT still the whole demonisation ‘it will be on-sold to black-market’ (as m-j) just ‘jams the breaks on’ further talks here.

As my auntie in England says ‘Who knows the capabilities of medicinal cannabis? It could possibly replace all the terrible, painful, damaging treatments available at the moment, if approved.’ I agree 100% with her. “It is Cannabis NOT marijuana”

There is a whole tradition of cannabis use, still known in India (under Ayurvedic medicine). Maybe its time to take another look people….. 🙂

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