marijuana baggage

I was thinking about this word ‘marijuana’ & what it actually represents/means.. & came to the conclusion; ‘cannabis demonisation’ plain & simple. Some rather unscrupulous men.. found this obscure slang word (used by mexican workers/immigrants) & used it to totally demonise; a plant that had been grown for millenia (recorded in Egypt, time of pharaohs & in the judeo/christian bible, according to scholars) for many, vast uses; Medicines, textiles, ropes, paper, seed oil, building material, fibre content (strongest natural plant-based).. oh yes & it was also used as a ‘mild relaxant’ & as a ‘social lubricant’

So when I hear people using expressions like ‘Medical Marijuana’ it really, totally ‘grinds my gears’ (Pete G). The prohibition/demonisation has effectively not just attempted to stop recreational use (‘marijuana smoking’) BUT all other known uses & research into potentially sustainable medicinal, scientific & industrial uses. (supposedly already exempt from bans, under UN convention 1961).

There is current concern about the pollution from burning fossil fuels, Henry Ford used ‘marijuana’ (or was it cannabis) to build a plastic car & he ran it on bio-fuel (ethanol) derived from the cellulose in the stem.. that was first banned under ‘USA alcohol prohibition’.. was this the first attempt to block ‘non-marijuana’ use of the plant ? Of course in 1920s USA, very few people had even heard of ‘marijuana’ it wasn’t until the 1940s that, the full effects of the ‘Marihuana tax act 1937’, really kicked in. The ‘yellow press’ started DEMONISING.. by splashing huge front page stories of ‘MARIHUANA.. ASSASSIN OF YOUTH’ & ‘THE PLANT WITH IT’S ROOTS IN HELL !’ etc. etc. etc. This was later followed by ‘docudramas’ such as ‘REEFER MADNESS’ (full of lies) that was widely discredited in 1950-60s BUT is still alluded to today, by comments about ‘Causing insanity‘ & ‘the gateway to HARD DRUGS’ (often uses by politicians, as an excuse to avoid law reform). They forgot to say, it is only a small number who proceed to these extremes & the majority seem fairly OK with it !

‘Honor roll of EVIL’
In the UN convention 1961, it actually calls drug ‘abuse/addiction’ an EVIL

1) Harry Anslinger – 1st USA ‘Drug Czar’, oversaw the writing of 1961 convention. Also ex-deputy Commissioner of alcohol prohibition.
2) Andrew Mellon – banker who funded the companies who opposed the continued use of the cannabis plant, Also appointed Anslinger (in his role as Treasury Secretary, USA parliament)
3) W R Hearst (& others) who jumped on the ‘ban the weed’ bandwagon.. it sold newspapers. He also has financial interest in Wood pulp, paper production
4) DuPont.. who massively benefited from ‘removal of their biggest NATURAL competitor’; Industrial Hemp
5) Oil companies; who also gained ‘vast market share’ by the end of ‘legal cannabis products/biofuels’ (banned as MARIJUANA)
6) Richard M Nixon (Mr President) – declared ‘WAR on Drugs’ in 1971. There are allegations it ‘suited his WAR agenda in SE Asia too’
7) R Reagan, GWH Bush, WJ Clinton, GW Bush for maintaining the WAR, even though, Pres. Jimmy Carter declared in 1977, it was a mistake & called for ‘decrim. of up to 1oz for personal use’
8) Prohibitionists who still try to maintain the lies, fallacies & DISinformation around Cannabis, even though some ‘history’ is now more widely know
9) Police, customs, legislative, prison bureaucracies that lobby to continue the war, because it suits the reason Anslinger started it; ‘Prohibition industry’ (*job protection)

** feel free to suggest others..

The biggest issue as I still keep saying, is APATHY & the BLACK-MARKET (unintended circumstances) that just seem to keep this going in the same direction.. year in, year out.. 😦

‘what do we want ?’ “FREEDOM !”

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