Richard sez

I read that there was a recent visit by Sir Richard (from Virgin).. when he reportedly promoted cannabis in NZ. This has brought comments from local MPs, offering info. on their level (or lack) of support.

‘Sir Richard said farmers could replace cows with cannabis if New Zealand made the drug legal.’

‘(a Govt. party member) said he was more concerned with the harm cannabis could cause rather than any economic benefits it may create for the north-west.’ (high use area)

‘Green Party candidate, H H, said she would not want to see large crops grown in the north-west.’
“I think cultivation for personal use would be one or two plants at your home in a pot plant,” she said.

‘(an opposition spokesperson) said recreational use did not bother him. He would not say whether he had tried the drug.’ (who cares)

‘(the Govt. spokesperson) said he was “not a fan” of cannabis being used recreational and had never tried the drug.’ (really.. how boring)
“I think the studies have shown that there is a lot of benefits in terms of pain relief and in terms of quality of life that we can benefit from,” he said. (supports med-use though, OK)

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