from the frontlines

these are recent dispatches from the frontlines of the Drug war in Aotearoa/NZ:

1) cannabis is still on NZ police ‘target hit list’ (zero-tolerance) even using military helicopters to ‘seek & destroy’

2) meth (aka P; pure meth) is catching up to cannabis in use stats.

3) cannabis is still about $15-20/gram, Meth/P is reportedly $1000/gram.. no wonder its illegal (blkmkt)

4) GP doctors still cannot prescribe cannabis (raw herb), only 2 cannabis products are approved : ‘sativex’ & ’tilray’ BUT neither is funded by the Govt. pharm-funding agency. (pharmac) currently >$1000/monthly script. I hear a few patients are being funded by local health boards.

5) still in the top few highest; use rates per capita (rec. use).. but still maintaining “prohibition IS working in NZ” (but ?)

6) still filling the prisons/courts.. 1 new PRIVATE prison in operation; fight-clubs, open dope-smoking, high escapes etc. (cut costs, maximise profit)

7) still rumours of ‘reefer madness’ in every second street.. esp. where 12-17 year old kids are widely ‘smoking weed’

8) heavy lobbying still maintained by ‘the prohibition industry‘ (creates 1000s of jobs.. busting your fellow kiwis)

9) no end in sight

10) still, no end in sight 😦

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