The English singer : Adele, recently visited aotearoa/nz (I didnt go, but I hear Sir Richard may have ?) I saw a TV special of her in new york. She sang several hits, but ‘skyfall’ is the one that seems most apt. I think there is a deep underlying feeling that if cannabis was made legal, the sky would indeed fall ! perhaps 60% of kiwis between 12-60 could just TITIDO (‘turn on, tune in drop out’) but this was also thought by others after alcohol prohibition ended in 1933. In 1970s Holland also created controversy when they allowed ‘mellow yellow’ & other coffeeshops to open. BUT whilst there may have been a large peak in use, the NOVELTY did quickly wear off. Perhaps many kiwis dont believe it will ? BUT we cannot just continue being ostriches, whilst so many others move on, Get High 😀

dont get me wrong.. we get high too.. but ‘in the closet’

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