art of WAR

I have read bits of Sun Tzu’s book & accept that ‘armed struggle’ needs to come as the last option, BUT who declared war on whom ?

The book talks about the use of spies.. this is the group I keep an eye out for; people who would have us believe they are ‘fighting the good fight’ but are really feeding info. to other sources. Then there is the ‘fifth column’ who join in with groups, but use their influence to ‘bring it down from the inside’ (malicious intent/division)

I’ve heard comments about ‘fighting battles, that were fought decades ago’ BUT do they realise, they won nothing. Cannabis is STILL ILLEGAL in this country. I heard that there was once a serious attempt in NZ to change the cannabis laws, BUT a senior member of the FBI arrived & had a meeting with the then, PM of aotearoa.. end of discussion 😦

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