strange fruit

I think about possible models for law reform in New Zealand;

1) continue status quo indefinitely.. no change, no discussion, lots of arrests

2) allow only pharmaceutical preparations: extracts or synthetic, many hoops to jump through, not funded by Govt.. current path

3) allow wider medicinal access, BUT not ‘raw herb’

4) allow various uses for terminally ill patients (inc. raw herb bought from blkmkt)

5) import ‘approved preparations’ only (inc. extract from plants).. no growing in NZ

6) grow up & get over this total misinformation/B-S, that currently only gives; prohibition/black-market option

7) BUT methinks ‘legal recreational herb’ is still quite a way off, in this land of plenty

8) there may even be a continuation of ‘illegal marijuana’ (rec. use) but perhaps not medicinal/therapeutic

9) still.. no light at the end of this tunnel

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