I saw on the TV news, that the NZ Police have announced a series of raids, this morning.. on ‘Synthetic Cannabis’ dealers.

I actually welcome this news.. “Get rid of the shit !”

There was a time recently, in Aotearoa/nz when these ‘legal high DRUGS’ & synthetic cannabinoids were sold in a regulated market (in shops). BUT a public outcry & protests, put a stop to it. The law was amended AGAIN (excellent sez I&I).

The Govt. refuse to regulate the ‘raw herb’ BUT were reported to say ‘synthetic is best, less harmful’ (paraphrased). A senior reporter was ‘removed’ from a high network job, under allegations he had ‘stepped on BIG toes’ over this issue. How could anyone who has ACTUAL experience, seriously believe this total load of CRAP/misinformation.

They even went so far as to create a Govt. act (law) to allow synthetics (psychoactive substances) BUT refused to inc. the natural buds from the cannabis plant. “What the FUCK is really going on in this ‘backwards country’ ??” This is like saying, “we will serve ‘Diesel & coke’ but not; Rum & coke or beer in pubs” !

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