I watched part of a NZ TV chat show, this a.m. The main host, was thanked on email for keeping the subject (cannabis reform) active in the media.. “tautoko tena ahau” (I agree with that) over recent times

They had a poll going & it was apparently almost crashing their system, with votes; 93% said they support further medicinal use in Aotearoa/nz. (why not 100% ? just proves that the m-word still has some thinking ‘no genuine use’.. its just an excuse)

I think the main issue, is not just this country being now a ‘very slow follower’ on this.. well behind most other ‘western/OECD’ countries, but almost having a phobia about open discussion. The 3 person host team, said yes 3-0 to ‘have you used the herb ?’ BUT one said she tried it twice only & didn’t really like it. (great feedback) It is true that some use it & do not enjoy the experience. There is evidence that it can have negative effects, BUT this should not just be used as THE excuse to ban it across the board (as they currently do).

They also reported on a recent comment from NZs current prime minister, who also took the extreme conservative view & refused to support any real change to the status quo. They mentioned the current ‘legal options’ (pharmaceutical ‘sativex or tilray’), also; after you jump through several hoops & agree to pay the >$1000/month (not funded by Govt.). estimates are 2-3 times the price of black-market herb (1oz) ! “Disgraceful” sez I&I

But again ‘all hui (chat) & no dui

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