Status quo sez PM

In light of another poll (94% support med-use reforms).. the current PM has effectively said ‘Status quo ONLY’, BUT there is an election in Aotearoa/NZ scheduled 23/9/17. This could be an issue, to swing opinion ?

I read these comments/statements in recent media reports:

‘(The Prime Minister) has shown how out of touch he is with the New Zealand population once again, spouting oddly ignorant views on medical cannabis.’

‘Despite a vast majority of Kiwis favouring the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, (the PM) yesterday unscientifically claimed “large-scale use of marijuana is pretty bad.”

‘(the PM) said on the AM Show yesterday: “We don’t want a marijuana industry, we’re not gonna be legalising it… We just think the long-term damage of large-scale use of marijuana is pretty bad.” (again using the M-word (‘marijuana’), to muddy the waters, on Med-use)

‘(the PM) was responding to a report on The Nation last weekend in which oncologists said half their patients are using cannabis to ease their suffering, and following a raid by Police, of Auckland tetraplegic (name removed), who uses cannabis medicinally, and who was then abandoned by his state-provided care agency.’

‘(the PM) claims there is already a legal route for patients to get cannabis products.’

“It’s ridiculous to claim we have legal cannabis access in New Zealand,” said medicinal cannabis user (name removed), who was prosecuted last year. “All over this country, people are living in a state of illegality and fear on top of their health issues.”

‘(the PMs) position, utterly at odds with the public, is particularly surprising in an election year.’

‘A (non-scientific) poll on the Newshub website yesterday found 94 percent of respondents wanted to “legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes”.’

Also these items:
‘The Medical Cannabis March is Saturday 22nd April, starting in Aotea Square at 1pm and going down Queen Street.’ (in Auckland) they are calling on other pro-reform groups to organise similar events in other cities/towns, at the same time/date.

‘This Wednesday 5th April, (an advocate) and others will present (her) petition for medicinal cannabis to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee.’

‘Other upcoming events include nationwide J Day protests on Saturday 6th May.’

Again, I ask the ‘power brokers of NZ’.. “what are we NOT being told here ?” & “why is this country, looking more like many draconian Asian countries, on this issue, rather than other ‘western/OECD’ countries, that we are usually compared to.

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