Question to Assoc. Minister

I watched NZ parliament Question-time today..

Q12) From a Green party MP to the Assoc. Minister of Health (resp. Drug Policy):
‘Will he recommend his Government change the law so that New Zealanders with terminal illnesses using medical cannabis are not at risk of being raided by police & prosecuted ?’

The minister, just waffled on about (paraphrased) ‘he was given assurance, by the Police commissioner that ‘genuine medicinal cannabis users’, would not be arrested/prosecuted’ (TOTAL B-S.. it happens often, reportedly). He then followed it by talking about the ‘legal options’ (eg Sativex) that costs patients about 3-4 times the price of illegal black-market ‘herb’.. has numerous ‘hoops to jump through’ for approval.
He talked about having discussions with him counterparts in Australia (who are trialling broader uses), claiming his idea was the better option.
He then went on about patients who are seeking advice on cannabis drugs, to ‘discuss it with their GP doctor‘ (who are totally unschooled/lack knowledge on this issue). He effectively said “I know best.. no changes needed.. end of discussion !”

BRILLIANT to hear the question..
BUT not the total CRAP.. pouring out of the Assoc. Minister. I wonder if he really knows which end its coming out of ??

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