challenge coming.. USA ?

I just watched a brief TV news item.. they said the ‘Trump Administration’ maybe about to challenge the ‘legal cannabis’ status, in USA states like Washington & Colorado. They showed a warehouse in Washington, where cannabis is being grown (some very nice plants) & packaged for sale, in a regulated market.

They then showed a member of ‘Trump’s inner circle’ who stated that he opposed the current situation. He does not like ‘more marijuana use’ OR that it is legally on sale ‘at the corner store’. This was challenged by a ‘cannabis entrepreneur‘ who stated it was the better option, than black-market growing & selling ‘in back alleyways’. He said that he was ready for any efforts to shut him down & would be ready for legal action, if required. (paraphrased) He also stated that the current regime is about ‘moving forward’ & that states are the test-bed for change/reform.

I agree 100%.. its perhaps the ‘ghosts of prohibition, haunting them’. To my mind it would be a very regressive step, to reverse the positive actions, being led in these USA states. Also; it would send the signal to countries like Aotearoa/NZ that the end of the prohibitionist road, has a large diversion/intersection in it.

watch this space… :/

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