NZ Cancer patient busted

I read that a man suffering leukemia, was arrested for cannabis possession, which he claimed was purely to relieve his suffering !

The report states:

‘A leukaemia sufferer who has to take seven morphine tablets daily to alleviate pain was convicted of possessing cannabis when he appeared in the Westport District Court today.’
‘His lawyer, (name removed), said (the patient) was diagnosed with leukaemia five years ago.’
‘His previous treatment had included a bone marrow transplant but nothing had worked.’

‘(His lawyer) said his client, in desperation, had sought alternatives and found anecdotal and scientific evidence online of the success of cannabis oil in alleviating pain.’
‘He had grown some plants but did not know how to process the oil so had to find someone else to do it for him, (his lawyer) said.’

‘Judge (name removed) said (the patient) posed a difficult situation for the court because of the way he had obtained the cannabis.’
‘While the role of cannabis oil in medical treatment had been recognised, and it was partly legalised, the proper channels to obtain it had been proscribed, (the judge) said.’
‘However, she told (the patient) that due to his “dismal situation” the court could be merciful.’
‘Judge (name removed) said the court would normally impose a deterrent sentence. However, she was ordering (the patient) to reappear for sentencing if called upon within six months.’ (a stern warning, not to reoffend.. OR ELSE)

* So much for the recent comments from the Assoc. Minister of health, who said (paraphrased) ‘He had been given assurance, by the Police commissioner, that genuine medicinal cannabis users, would not face arrest/prosecution’ ! (more B-S/misinfo.) 😦

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