USA to revamp Drug WAR ?

I listened to a radio show this morning.. the new USA Attorney-General, has reportedly reaffirmed his (& his Govt. ?) support for the WAR on Drugs !
He talked about Nancy Reagan’s message (1980s) ‘Just say NO to Drugs’ & then talked about the ‘scourge & harm’ they cause to society. (1940-50s approach). Of course this will likely cause major problems in the states that have either; decriminalised or fully legalised cannabis already.

It seems that the ‘Trump Administration’ are moving their rhetoric, back to the extreme right-wing approach; Zero-tolerance/Prohibition ? Whilst these ‘legal drugs’ are only approved at the state level.. their Federal Govt. still officially promote the WAR. The DEA still refuse to reclassify cannabis, currently a ‘schedule #1 narcotic’ (alongside Heroin & hallucinogens etc.)

What a totally regressive step.. which could see USA move back into line with Aotearoa/NZ !? šŸ˜¦

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