Welcome to NZ

I read in the local newspaper (online) that three foreign tourists, were arrested with ‘cannabis for supply’. The report said the 3 tourists broke down with 2 flat tyres. When 2 police officers (passing by) stopped to ‘offer assistance’ they claimed to ‘notice a strong smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle’. (how often have I heard this ?) The report said they found a quantity of cannabis.. enough for supply (not just personal use ?)

The three men in their early 20s were arrested & charged with; possession for supply, they are due to appear in court.

I just wonder how much they actually had ? NZ police often consider any amount over 1 ounce to be ‘for supply’. So the Police’s message to these (or all) foreign tourists.. “Welcome to NZ.. your busted !!” 😦

I think there is a total misconception, that Aotearoa/NZ is fairly OK with cannabis. WRONG.. this country has amongst the highest arrest rates, for illegal drugs in the world. It keeps the ‘prohibition industry’ employed & they are not thinking of backing down, anytime soon.. so I keep hearing.

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