Extreme conviction

I just saw a brief news item.. a kiwi lady has been sentenced, to two & half years in Bali’s infamous ‘Hotel K’ (Kerobokan prison), where many foreigners have spent time. She was arrested with less than half a gram of ‘Meth/P’ (pure Methamphetamine). The report said that as she was only charged, with a minor ‘possession charge’ as opposed to a ‘importation or dealing offence’; she avoided a LONG sentence (potentially up to 15 years) or even the death penalty.

The lady said she would not appeal the sentence & just wanted to get it over & done with, so she can get home ASAP

This just demonstrates what ‘ZERO-TOLERANCE’ can really mean, in the WAR on Drugs. In many countries, she would have likely got a fine only.

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