safer synthetics.. NOT

I just watched a TV news item, showing 3 people in Auckland NZ, who reportedly had been smoking ‘synthetic cannabis’. 2 were slouched on a park bench, looking totally ‘wasted’ & the other was laying on the ground.. frothing at the mouth. A passerby stopped, to offer assistance.. else he may have died ? It was reported that the video, had ‘gone viral’ on you-tube.

Everytime I see/hear similar stories, it reminds me of the issues that came up a few years ago, when the NZ Govt. temporarily legalised these synthetic drugs, until a public outcry saw the law reversed. The incredible thing was that the minister responsible for drug policy, stated on several occasions that these drugs were ‘low risk’ & that natural herb cannabis is not !
The main point being; the user often has NO IDEA what they are buying.. echoes of buying ‘street heroin’ (often ‘cut’ with some other unknown ‘white powder’)

I have never seen anyone who has smoked the natural herb, in this kind of state. At worst they usually just doze off. I am not saying natural cannabis is harmless, but its time that the truth was recognised. The other point being; (as I’ve stated before) IF they legally regulated natural cannabis (R18), there would be no need for this synthetic CRAP. I tried it once.. & never again. Whilst it did have a similar effect, it left a chemical taste in my mouth, for hours & it left me feeling irritable for about a day afterwards.. a ‘hangover’, which I never get with the natural herb.

“WAKE UP people”, how can anyone believe that these synthetics are actually ‘SAFER’ than the natural stuff ?! 😦

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