Medicinal march 422

I read that about 200 protesters assembled in Aotea Square in Akld. NZ, yesterday (422) to publically call for better access to cannabis.. for medicinal/therapeutic uses. The report included these remarks:

‘Medicinal cannabis protesters march along Auckland’s Queen St on Saturday afternoon.’

‘About 200 protesters turned out in Auckland on Saturday for a rally in favour of medicinal cannabis.’

‘They gathered in Aotea Square in the CBD at midday before marching down Queen St at 1pm.’

‘Organisers want safe, legal and affordable access to cannabis, and invited others around the country to organise coinciding marches.’

‘(name removed), president of campaign group NORML (National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), said the rally was intended to make a statement to parliament.’

“Throughout history whenever there’s been social change, people had to march,” he said. “They had to get out on the streets and make their views known.”

‘It is currently illegal to grow, sell or use cannabis in New Zealand, for either recreational or medical reasons.’

‘(NORML spokesperson) said the government’s response to the issue had been inadequate.’

“We know the only way to change the law is to change the government,” he said.

There were other speakers, inc. Green party health spokesperson:
‘She said cannabis should be treated as a health issue rather than a legal issue, and called for urgent action from politicians.’

“The rest of the world is making it easier to access medicinal cannabis, and New Zealand is falling behind,” she said.

then this;
‘Auckland great-grandmother (name removed) uses medicinal cannabis, and says she won’t be bullied by police.’

“Why should we pay thousands of dollars a month when people can just grow a few plants and receive the same benefits? That’s a compassionate approach, and there’s no way it would lead to any further harm in society,” she said.

‘Tetraplegic (name removed) used medicinal cannabis until his supply of the drug was seized in a police raid.’

‘(name removed) uses medicinal cannabis illegally, and said she was determined not to live in fear of being raided by police.’

“I will not be bullied or terrorised by this bad law,” she said. “It’s a cruel law, and I will stand up to it until my last days.”

*It was disappointing to see no TV news coverage (so far) ! 😦

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